And there we go.

Looked into the big brown eyes of the little cretin who has been driving me nuts the past few weeks and bang! there it goes.

This was a long week. Had lunch duty so there went half an hour of planning which I treasure. The kids seem to all be on some kind of crack, and a co-worker of mine says she thinks the planets as misaligned. Anything sounds plausible at this point.

Guess what though. I actually got in a half an hour of instruction time. I mean like, WHOA. These kids went from like, 5 minutes to 10 minutes to a whole 30. Who da bomb?! ME DA BOMB!

And so I have fallen in love with these kids. Slow and steady. They have, to this date, been the hardest sets of coconuts (maybe) I have ever encountered. But they have broken open for me and showed me their hearts because I showed them mine.

And that is all the energy I have for now.


2 thoughts on “Mama!

  1. L - Mama(e) in Translation

    Some people believe that Mercury was in retrograde or something. Sometimes I think that these crazy planet things may be real. ;-) The other thing that is pretty real is experiencing a hard time during the Fall Equinox. It doesn’t help that the weather turned sour & chilly very suddenly on the second day of Fall. Booo! We missed you today!

    1. .jso. Post author

      Blood moon tonight! I knew it! The universe (at least this side of it in particular) was preparing to do something wacky!


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