Been There

One more week until school is out for the winter. People ask me if I am “holding up” ok. They forget that I’m a veteran of some of the wildest rides in education. I’ve spent Christmas and New Year’s eve on the couch in the home of a house full of autistic kids. I’ve worked tirelessly for weeks before collapsing after 5 weeks of no breaks and no weekends off. Of course I’m ok. The kids still get on the bus at 3:15, I still have my weekends beautifully free, and i am making progress.

PROGRESS! If that was an acronym, it would spell out things like: “MM Does Not Do Circles With His Desk No Mo” or “The Hardest Kid in the Room Just Said I Was The Best Teacher in the Building.” or “These Kids Are Actually Learning Something.”

So, while the rest of the world is getting married, having babies, posting pictures of food and colorful buildings, I am lesson planning on how to get my chillens to understand what a disability is, how to embrace it, and yet grow from it. There will be no facebook posts about this.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of Sandy Hook. I won’t forget what happened there. We do ‘lockdown drills’ at school and every time the kids worry and talk and I tell them that I would gladly take a bullet for any one of them. Even when they are pissing me off. Any one of the teachers in the building would do that for the kids. Any. One. Of. Them.

There are dates I have in my calendar that repeat every year. Anniversaries of certain things I never want to forget. This is one of them. More and more tragedies are filling my calendar. It sobers me. But there are good ones too. Stay tuned for those.





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