MWS (My Wedding Story): Inaugural

So it’s been a few months since I got the ball rolling for wedding planning. But I need to write, I like to write, it is extremely cathartic for me, AND I have convinced myself it is a #publicservice. So here I go.

Part One. The Venue (I)

Yes, yes, I skipped over the proposal part, but I’ll get back to that in the prequel. Let me talk about how we chose the venue.

When my dad proposed to NT*, ahem, I mean, when we were talking about the wedding, pops thought it was a spectacular idea to have it in my sister’s backyard. My sister has a pretty rockin’ house which both NT and I enjoy visiting, and her backyard is nice, shady (because of the trees, people), and large enough to accommodate a very very small wedding. All of which I was okay with because I was still somewhat in denial that this was happening and also in denial about how amazeballin’ly difficult wedding planning was going to be.

And then we thought New York. Because New York. But moms didn’t want to have to invite the whole wide Small Korean Christian Community  (Don’t be fooled, SKCC is an acronym for about 300 MILLION people) so we decided As Far From New York as Possible would be a good option.

So we looked a little further south down the mid Atlantic.

We researched a lot of places, but there was one in the valley that really caught my eye. Almost full package (minus the photographer and catering) for a moderately good price (translation: it’s a great deal for a great deal of money.) And they had live streaming! We thought about NT’s grandparents who would love to see the ceremony live and we were sold.

We toured the facility and it was really thunderstrikingly awesome. I wish I could tell you the extent of the awesomeness because they really went all out.

The lady showed us outside where the tent hadn’t been set up yet but painted us a beautiful picture of how things would look. She spoke very disparagingly about a stray cat in the area though. And not like in the, “I don’t like that cat,” way. More like a, “Yes, that is a fur banshee from the depths of Hades and I hate her more than Hitler hated the Jews” kind of way. It was weird.

The bed and breakfast that was attached to the property was nice too. Beautiful bridal room, super cool groom’s room that had a full bar and huge TVs. She walked us through the kitchen and even offered us chocolate chip cookies. Of course you don’t refuse chocolate chip cookies, fresh baked. I took the biggest one that just happened to be laying on top and took a bite.


I think it’s a sin somewhere to offer someone a chocolate chip cookie and give them an oatmeal raisin one (Jesus knows). Plus, somewhere between me stuffing that (actually not so bad) cookie in my mouth and the cat encounter, she asked me if I was from North or South Korea. Just a public service hint guys. Never ask someone if they’re from North or South Korea, ok? Please? It’s nice that you know geography and there are two Koreas, but just keep that question to yourself.

No matter how much I liked that venue, I just couldn’t shake off that oatmeal raisin cookie. And the Korea thing. And the cat thing. It was a pretty cat.

So I looked elsewhere. OK, the fact that there were no mountain views at that venue also played a major role (I mean, if you’re getting married in the valley, you want mountains. Unfortunately, this venue was IN the mountains, so no mountain view) but I’m going with the cookie reason every time.

So here’s this new venue. Closer than the cookie venue. And it’s got almost legit 300 degree views of mountains. Took my breath away. So we took it.

Pops took it well. There is no livestreaming. I hired a videographer who is my friend. This will be a running thread throughout these posts. I am high with a little help from my friends. Endorphin high. It wrecks me every time to see my friends come through for me, unasked sometimes, just because of the absolute largeness of their huge-a$$ hearts. (Those are dollar signs**.)

The end.

*Not his initials

**it’s pronounced Aay, money money! “


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