Today was the last day of school for the kiddos.

These past few weeks were crazy. It’s crazy for any teacher, but ask a good special education teacher how the last few weeks of school are and you may catch a crazy glint in their eye. It’s crazy. But I like it. I’m getting better at something, and it’s helping a student’s future. Productive work, yes.

There was a FaceBook thing a while back that had a list of MBTI personality traits and their supposed ‘worst nightmare.’ I resounded with most of them, but mine was particularly irksome. Something to do with working for something very unproductive while needing to get instruction from people who had no idea what they were doing.

Um… I guess that’s education most days of the week. But at least I feel productive some of the time.

Anyway, the kiddos are gone. Lots of hugs. Some teary little eyes. Lots of questions of whether I’ll be seen again next year. I’ll miss them. One of them thrives on hugs. She comes and gets her ‘power hug’ from me throughout the day. God knows we need power hugs. Another kiddo saw her do it and started requesting some himself. Sure, kiddo. Power hugs for everyone. Some teachers don’t believe in hugging their kids. I am not one of them. I will hug those suckers because who knows how much they need it?

You’d think I’d be relieved with kiddos being gone. No… not really. There are teacher work days (at least I am not sitting around in a circle discussing dress code. That is, however, another conversation for people who knew me years ago.) I have to pack up my room because we are doing a glorious shuffle at the behest of our principal. I am a little sad. I liked how I decorated my room (I used to be very spartan in my decorating but somewhere along the line I broke and found myself with a very large sun, blue skies, and little cutout clouds on my bulletin boards.) I had good help.

I also have classes to take. I like learning. But not when it impedes my chill time. I’d like to Matrix it up and upload thousands of gigs of data into my brain and walk away satisfied. I KNOW KUNG FU!

Also, I don’t know how, this time last year, I was doing IEP writing, cleaning, packing our house to move, and doing wedding planning all at once. Actually, I think I know how. I was insane. No sane person would have made it. Nope. So thank you, little god of insanity, for dragging me through that phase.

Speaking of which…. it’ll be a year later this month. Sometimes I am still amazed that I found someone who cares so much about my happiness. I can see it actually hurting him when I am hurt, or sad, or disappointed. It makes me happy to see him light up when he’s made me happy. I guess it’s a good deal, to find someone who is happy to see you happy, and who makes you happy when you see him happy that he’s made you happy.



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