Tips and Tricks

More tips and tricks, not including “it’s totally ok to buy your wedding dress from China” because that’s for another post. As is, “it’s a ok to have a wedding hash tag even though it seems cheesy.” Because, spoiler alert, you think it’ll be easier to link on social media and find all the pics. Even if this thinking is wrong. Yes, even if hashes are silly and cheesy. Someone sat down and wanted it. And who are we to deny bride(zilla)s joy?

This one is for moving.

Moving sucks. Pro tip for moving out of state?

Don’t do it.

I mean, this is coming from someone who’s moved out of state (like faraway states, not some diddly within-50-miles move) at least 3 times. Don’t do it.

It’s also become significantly more expensive. Pods, moving trucks, movers, add-ons. I mean, sure, you can find cheaper, sweatier, more friend-abusive means. But still, it ain’t cheap.

So yeah, even if you are cheapo about the actual process, nowadays it’s either pay out of your butthole for a down payment and mortgage or land lords (geez, we still call people lords?) first month, security deposit, and last month rent. I mean, I never had to pay for last month before.

My mom used to say this. I had no idea it was a thing. But luckily, we’ve got hunnies. So I guess we’re ok, right?


1 thought on “Tips and Tricks

  1. L - Mama(e) in Translation

    WAIT, you’re teaching HIGH SCHOOL again?! I hope it’ll be ok!
    Anyway, I am SO VERY SORRY for all the money this move cost. :-( Sigh… I think you’d better buy your own place next, it’s WAY EASIER when you’re moving into or out of your own place. It really is.


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