The Year

It’s been over a year since I walked down that aisle I’ve always claimed I’d be dragged down (kicking and screaming.) I did not kick or scream. Nor was I dragged. Actually, according to most witnesses, I might have been seen skipping. Nah. I’ll deny it.

They say the first year is the hardest. Well, some say that. Others say it’s the honeymoon year. I’ll side with the latter. It’s been good. But he’s a good guy. Who else would I lock it in with? I’m almost relieved I found someone that I don’t have that nagging feeling in my mind that I’ll end up supremely unhappy someday. I’ve always had that feeling. And I’ve always been right. So I’ve always had peace walking away. But with this dude? Still enjoy the hugs and cuddles and spending all day together.

We recalled some wedding memories and laughed about them. Many things did go wrong (like the best man leaving the groom behind at home due to miscommunications) and my last minute lipstick smear all the way down my white veil (everyone was freaking out except me, under the flurry of Bounce wipes, clorox pens, H2O2 and a hundred “Oh My Gosh”es by my wonderful makeup artist. (I love you, Sarah. You are amazing.) But in the end there was no wrong, the groom was on time, no one noticed my veil, my dad did NOT get his request to have the venue’s two great danes to walk down the aisle with us (although he did decide to get up and check out the fireworks when they called him to the dance floor for the father-daughter dance), and no one caught on fire during the sparklers exit. Oh, and there were no terrible cicadas flying in people’s faces. Don’t ask if you don’t remember.

I cherish these memories, but I cherish the future too. Having someone on my team is a good feeling. Not that I didn’t enjoy singlehood. I did. Every moment, although there were always doubters. I was not lonely for wedded companionship. I enjoyed being able to travel and having my heart not tied when I traipsed around the world. These are memories I’ll also cherish.

Here’s to a year and to many more.


2 thoughts on “The Year

  1. L - Mama(e) in Translation

    awwwwwww!!! and more awwwwwww!!! Lovely lovely post! I never got to hear the background wedding day stories (or tell my own… going to Costco to buy more flowers! not being able to practice the flute at all! getting dressed in a hurry in the tiny bathroom. OK, I didn’t want to tell any of them because I didn’t want you to feel bad… but I TOTALLY would love to hear more of your side of the story. Had NO IDEA you had a lipstick smear or that the best man left the groom behind! Anyway… we’ll tell our stories if you ever want to hear them. Suffice it to say that my husband told the world I had just “married my first daughter” — thankfully the last, unless my real daughters-in-law need me the same way.

    I knew you’d have a honeymoon year, you guys were always the cutest and such a wonderful fit and, you know what? You might as well have a “honeymoon for the rest of your life” because that is possible. (especially if you don’t have kids) :-P

    Anyway… Happy super-belated anniversary!!! I am still missing some of the photos I wanted from you. I will try to have a pen drive or camera memory card next time I visit you (some of the cut and paste never worked last year).

    1. .jso. Post author

      Yes, let’s get together soon! We miss you guys. I tried sending pics but they were too large.


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